Fees and Policies

Medical insurance companies may or may not offer coverage for nutrition care. It is the client's responsibility to investigate their insurance coverage and to submit the superbill for insurance reimbursement if your current insurance company is not accepted through Custom Dietetics PC (see FAQ for further details).

Initial appointment – ~1.0-2 hours in length (depending on need and restrictions of your insurance company)

This appointment encompasses a very comprehensive assessment in which a medical, nutritional, and lifestyle history are obtained, lab values are interpreted, current medicines and supplements are assessed, body composition analysis, and discussion related to health-related goals. Based on this information, together with your dietitian, you will develop a nutrition and lifestyle plan. Pediatric patients will usually have shorter appointments while adults with multiple diagnosis/extensive medical history will have a longer appointment. Appointments are individualized and based on the need of the patient and the availability of the patient/practitioner.

Follow-up appointments – 30 minutes to 2 hours in length

At this appointment you will discuss the successes and difficulties you are experiencing with your plan. Your dietitian will provide further education and advice to assist you in reaching your goals. You will be guided in acquiring the skills needed to change old habits and ways of thinking. New strategies will be discussed to help you get through plateaus or circumstances that make it difficult for you to stay on course with your plan. This appointment is scheduled for your success and we will always try to accommodate longer or more frequent appointments if available.